We use the word “international” because we are focused squarely on ministry to people in Lagos who are citizens of other countries. Our mission is to expats!!
We believe profoundly in “new beginnings” for all of those who join us: ... More

Gary and Emma Lou Maxey have been in Nigeria for more than thirty years. They are natives of the US, and prior to their missionary service in Nigeria they spent several years in Mexico and Central America.  Throughout virtually their entire time in Nigeria they have focused on the training ... More

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SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY, . . .at our NEW service time at 9:00 AM!!!

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Welcome to New Beginnings International Church, Lagos Nigeria.

If you are looking for a church home while in Nigeria, away from your native country or your place of primary citizenship, then NEW BEGINNINGS INTERNATIONAL CHURCH may be where you belong!

We would be happy to receive you, and to share with you our passion about what God can do to make your time in Nigeria one of blessing and great success. The challenges of Nigeria are great, but we are convinced that God can make this one of the great periods of SUCCESS in your Christian life.  He can truly giving you new beginnings in your walk with God.  

New Beginnings International Church is still a BABY—established only in early September 2010! However, it is already proving to be a dynamic and growing international church serving the heart of the largest black city in the world—Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has a population of tens of thousands of expats. Already there are expats from more than a dozen nationalities represented among those attending NIBC services.

Come and explore with us how we can work together!

Sunday Sermons (NEW!)

17 August 2014: Security in an Unsafe World - Psalm 46:1-11

24 August 2014: Is God Really There? - Exodus 33:21-23, Psalm 22:1-2, Psalm 42:1-3

31 August 2014: What Does It Take to Be Authentic Church? - Matthew 16:13-20

07 September 2014: Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! - Matthew 28:18-20

14 September 2014: Climbing God's Mountain - Matthew 5:1-6

28 September 2014: Bible's Expatriate Archive - Hebrews 11

12 October 2014: Father Abraham: 'Exhibit A' Expatriate - Genesis 12:1-20

19 October 2014: Joseph: The Reluctant Expatriate - Genesis 39:2-23

02 November 2014: Ruth: Finding the Redeemer in a Strange Land - Ruth 1:1-18

09 November 2014: Priscilla & Aquila: Living on Purpose as Expat Believers - Acts 18:1-3; 24-28

16 November 2014: "More Than Enough: The Sufficiency of Christ - Matthew 14:13-21

23 November 2014: Overcoming the Transiency Mindset - Exodus 25:1-9; Numbers 10:33-36

30 November 2014: The Priority of Worship - Nehemiah 12:27-43; Psalm 95:1-11

21 December 2014: Why is There Christmas? - John 3:16-18

11 January 2015: The Benefits of Accountability - Acts 2:42-47; Galatians 6:1-2

18 January 2015: What is So Special About Nigeria? - Daniel 1:1-7, 6:1-4; Genesis 41:41-46

25 January 2015: Insights Into Nigerian Culture - Acts 17:16-34

01 February 2015: Understanding the Nigerian Church: Strengths and Opportunities - Matthew 16:13-19

08 February 2015: Discovering the Most Remarkable Book Ever - 2 Kings 22:1-13

15 February 2015: A Foundation For True Greatness - Psalm 1:1-6

22 February 2015: The Sufficiency of the Bible - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

01 March 2015: God's Vibrant Word - Hebrews 4:12-13

08 March 2015: The Philippian Jailer: "What Must I Do to be Saved?" (Pastor Sam Waddell) - Acts 16:16-34

15 March 2015: Digging for Spiritual Gold - Ephesians 4:17-32

12 April 2015: Keys for Expatriate Success in Nigeria - Ruth 3:1-15

19 April 2015: "Expatriates' call to Witness for Christ (Pastor Kabelo Lekala) - Jonah 3:1-10

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